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White Roof Coatings Offer
Solutions and Long-Term Benefits

Elastomeric roof coatings have been used since the early 1980s over multiple roof types including BUR, modified bitumen, metal, cement, and EPDM.

There are numerous alternatives available for low-sloped roofing, and building owners, specifiers, and managers face uncertainty in selecting the best system. Contributing to the confusion are changing government regulations, TV images of hurricane-damaged roofs, and the drive for improvements to the bottom line in the face of rising energy and labor costs. Roofing choices often come down to system economics, owner preferences, or the specifier’s experience. Often, a lack of awareness of alternative options can result in a compromised choice for the long term.

A long-term, economical roofing solution often overlooked is acrylic roof coatings

A long-term, economical roofing solution often overlooked is acrylic roof coatings. Building owners and facility managers nationwide are realizing the lasting benefits of elastomeric roof coatings. These durable, liquid coatings prolong the life of the existing roof. In fact, elastomeric roof coatings have been used since the early 1980s over multiple roof types, including BUR, modified bitumen, metal, cement, and EPDM. Many white-coated roofs exist today with excellent adhesion and high solar reflectance – more than 20 years after their initial application.

An elastomeric roof coating creates a uniform, seamless surface that remains flexible even at low temperatures. It expands and contracts with changing weather conditions, protecting a roof’s surface from the sun’s damaging rays. This enables the coating to handle the continuous thermal stresses over the lifetime of the roof. Its adhesion characteristics enable the coating to remain attached to the roof in wet or extremely windy conditions. Such a coating employs technology (to resist dirt pick-up) that helps maintain energy-saving reflectance qualities, as well as a bright, clean appearance.

In summary, by specifying a high-performing elastomeric roof coating, building owners and facility managers can extend the life of their roofs while improving the energy efficiencies of their buildings.

ARC’s® roof coatings are formulated to provide maximum water resistance

a highly reflective roof surface, and maximum UV protection. With the development of the Styrene Ethylbutlyene Styrene (SEBS) reflective roof coatings, a product emerged that not only withstands ponding water, but also provides high reflectivity and prevents damage by solar ultraviolet radiation.

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ARC Roof Coatings®


  • APP membranes
  • SBS membranes
  • Built-up roof membranes
  • EPDM or HYPALON roofs
  • Metal roofs
  • Concrete, concrete block, brick or stucco surfaces for waterproofing.
ARC Reflective Roof Coatings®


  • Elongation properties of 600%
  • Tensile strength of 1000% psi
  • Water absorption rate of 0.004%


When my team made the switch to the ARC® lineup of products we noticed productivity go way up. Thier roof coating process is just so efficient. It made all the difference.

James CarlsonDallas, Texas

The quality of the ARC® roof coatings was way above the industry standard. We have used several different roof coating solutions and the ARC® stuff is just plain better than the others. Surprisingly cost effective too. I would highly recommend.

Steven GibbonsChicago, IL.
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