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Acrylic Roof Coating Benefits

What are acrylic roof coatings?

Acrylic roof coating are coatings that have been engineered with acrylic polymer resins. They are designed specifically to be applied over an existing roof substrate to restore, renew and/or protect the roof membrane below.

The acrylic polymer resins hold the coating film together. This polymer creates a long-lasting, durable coating that will perform for many years to come. The acrylic resins are responsible for resisting water. Also, providing excellent impact and tear strength, flexibility, adhesion, strength, toughness and overall durability.

What is the application process?

Acrylic roof coatings are applied typically by spray but can also be applied by brush or roller. They are applied roughly 5 to 10 times thicker than typical house paint.Coatings are sprayed with an application thickness of 15 to 30 mils to create a fully adhered, membrane-like material, without seams and without being mechanically attached.

Acrylic roof coatings can be applied over a variety of substrates. These coatings include new or aged asphalt-based, plastic and rubber single-ply, sprayed polyurethane foam, metal and concrete roofs. Acrylic roof coatings traditionally are white in color to provide the maximum reflectivity. However, there are also reflective earth-tone colors or custom tinting available for precise color match.

Acrylic roof coating benefits?

Acrylic roof coatings provide extending durability, dramatically lengthening the lifespan of the existing roof below. They are packed full of UV blocking ingredients that protect and extend the life of the roof by shielding the surface from premature degradation caused by the sun’s heat. This also reduces energy costs by reflecting the heat away from the building, allowing the temperature inside the building to remain cooler for a longer period of time without the use of a cooling system.